Human Resources

Conceptual Recruitment Process

Your team is your single most important asset in your company. At Prindiville & Associates, we understand how valuable your team is and how much it costs in efficiency and real dollars if your team is not properly aligned. Talented people who are informed, incentivized, and properly placed in an efficient organization will achieve positive business results.

We offer the following services:

HR Strategy

  • Align People, Processes & Technology to Achieve Maximum Efficiency
  • Reward & Incentivize Top Performers
  • Develop Those With Drive & Upward Mobility
  • Promote a Diverse, Inclusive Culture

Recruiting & Staffing

  • Clearly Define Roles & Report Structure
  • Inform Applicants & Employees on the Expected Results for a Job
  • Hiring & Retaining the Best Talent You Can Afford

Compensation & Total Rewards

  • Develop Competitive, Performance-Based Rewards
  • Communicate Value of the Company’s Rewards Programs in a “Total Rewards” Format (Pay, Benefits, Retirement, & Perquisites)
  • Reward Your Best Performers

Talent Management

  • Ensure Leaders Provide Open, Honest Communication to Teams
  • Make Opportunities for Your Best Workers
  • Encourage Your Best to Remain on the Job
  • Keep Your Organization Strong

Contact us today for assistance with recruiting and maintaining a strong workforce. Prindiville & Associates proudly serves over 350 clients in five countries.