Financial Projections and Business Plan Services in Pevely, MO

Whether your business is a simple start-up, or you want to expand your existing company, Prindiville & Associates has a proven method with defined steps to help you achieve success. The following are the financial projections and business plan services in Pevely, our business consulting firm offers to our start-up and expansion clients:

Business Plans

  • Collect & Analyze Information from Founder/Owner Regarding His/Her Vision & Goals for the Business
  • Provide Advice, Analysis, & Input on the Business Vision, & Your Operational & Financial Goals
  • Identify & Clarify the Business Performance Targets Needed to Achieve Operational & Financial Success
  • Create & Provide a Comprehensive Business Plan Document

Document Analysis

Financial Analysis & Projections

  • Review, Analyze, & Translate Operational Targets into Financial Targets.
  • Identify & Quantify Investment Capital Requirements to Build Your Business & the Operating Financials Needed to Operate it Efficiently
  • Define Current & Future Revenue, Cost Assumptions, Financial Timing, & Operational Risks & Issues That Can Have Significant Financial Implications
  • Provide a Comprehensive Set of Financial Projections (Investment Capital Plus 5 Years of Operating Financials)
  • Integrate the Financial Projections into the Business Plan Document

Investor/Lender Relations

  • Work with Client to Develop an Owner/Investor/Lender Strategy (Valuation, Shares, Percentage of Ownership, Etc.)
  • Create a Final Investor/Lender Packet That Can Be Provided to Future Investors, Lenders & Federal, State, &/or City Organizations
  • Participate with Owner in Investor, Lender & State/City Discussions & Presentations as Needed
  • Achieve the Desired Level of Funding Needed to Complete the Project

Contact us today for assistance with business plans and financial projections. Prindiville & Associates proudly serves over 350 clients in five countries.